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Classic interior

In addition to the retro design interiors of Marcottestyle, the classic interior is an interesting link between the past and present.

To create an attractive classic interior, Marcottestyle has the ingenious idea of mixing two styles. A purely classical interior is sometimes a bit old-fashioned and Marcottestyle tries to make this type of interior a little younger and fresher, with the retro or classical style playing a leading role.
When entering a classic interior, the feeling must be present that only the interior is classically decorated. Only if more detail is looked at will one see the contemporary or even more modern pieces here and there, without this disturbing.

Rich curtains:

It remains a distinguished style with rich curtains, furniture, decoration and lighting, mixed with some more contemporary elements. However, this device can be as modern or classic as you wish. The choice of curtains is very important in this classic style.

A mansion with rich furniture:

Classic furniture is a must for furnishing a mansion where the past is merged with the present. We live here in a classic interior with a contemporary, generous feeling. At Marcottestyle you can very well sense how far the combination between classic and contemporary is needed. Even 100 percent classic is also possible with classic furniture that Marcottestyle can also deliver. Take a quick look at the collection of classic furniture from Marcottestyle. It certainly pays off. With a total design, it is of course possible to count many more other pieces of furniture that fit in with the classic interior.

Embassies with a classic interior:

A classic interior is certainly ideal for decorating an embassy. The grandeur of the country that an embassy has to shine is important here. Either one decisively opts for a modern interior or goes quickly to the classical stately style.