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Bespoke bathroom

In view of a complete refurbishing our bathrooms are luxuriously customized in wood, ceramics or tiles. The interior designer will also not charge you a fee for this. Leading to a unique creation! All plans are also developed with our CAD program. This way you will know exactly what your ideal customized bathroom will look like.

This is how your customized bathroom is made

Because we would like to be sure that your customized bathroom lives up to your expectations we will firstly extensively record your demands and needs. For example, think of things that you like in your current bathroom or things that are missing. Which components would you absolutely like to see in your new bathroom and which are only optional? Our interior designer would be happy to show you a few customized bathrooms for inspiration.

A beautiful, sober bathroom goes with all styles. Finished with proper ventilation, a bathroom can also be integrated into a bedroom and if necessary, lightly separated by a glass wall. Always with sober or rounded lines and luxurious materials. The showers in new decor trends are becoming more spacious with a shower floor on the same level without any raised side.

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