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When decorating a living area, matching carpets from JAB are an important component of the complete decoration. For a nice harmonious design, the colors of the carpets will fully correspond with the main colors chosen at the beginning of the project. The same range of colors will return in the curtains, wall paint, seats etc.

We are the main distributor for JAB and have a large collection of carpet samples with all possible colour variations, prices ranging from € 366.40 “CETO” of 2m x 2m with an alcantara 1cm border to €1,175 for the “TIVO” with a 5cm leather border. Thick carpets of 2 x 2m in pure wool (“LANA”) do cost € 1,448. We are proud of being able to make these prices transparent and public.

All carpets are cut to size and are trimmed with 1 to 8 cm alcantara, leather, Nubuck or with a motif. You can also order from the roll of a 4 or 5m width, which is much cheaper, of course. We can fabricate different carpets, ranging from carpets with stripes or in a checker board shape that are in symbiosis with fitting, chosen colors to the carpet with a personal drawing or motif.

Your interior designer will first let you choose the carpet in order to have it correspond with the curtains in order to decide on the colour of the wall paint afterwards. This ensures the best results; a whole is created out of special colors.

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Personalised carpets or only in matching colors of the interior will make your house a sublime place where everything feels homogeneous.