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Door handles

Marcotte Style is the distributor for all well-known brands as also their own brands. That is why, for very special complete projects, we have 18K gold handles and taps. This is not kitsch as you would first suspect, but gives a truly royal air if used properly. Convince yourself and view a number of these hand-made jewels here. Other taps are made of 100% brass or bronze and inlaid with Swarovski stones.

The 18K gold handles may come across as exuberant, but at a price of around € 250 per handle, they are quite attractive for those who can afford them.

Take a look at this magazine about our luxury door handles: the international magazine Homyfy.

Everything can be ordered from our website and is widely available in Europe. Take a look at our online store.

A door handle at Marcottestyle costs 28 € to 350 € and even 500 € for the set of two.

Besides these hyper-luxury items, Marcotte Style will of course pamper you with normal handles and taps from solid German or Italian manufacturers. Such taps will last a lifetime in contrast with most materials found in chain stores. Good quality can immediately be seen and felt, which can only do credit to an interior.

Marcotte Style will always work with experienced and well-organised experts who will make your project succeed in a pleasant way.
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Apart from special projects, for which Marcotte Style offers 18K gold handles and taps, you can also pamper yourself with the best items from German or Italian brands.