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Lighting: wall, ceiling and standing lamps

Marcotte Style is the main distributor for multiple manufactures of light fixtures. As interior decorator, we can offer you a very large assortment of attractive chandeliers, wall lamps or ceiling lamps suited to our interior decoration. For a complete decoration, here you will also not have to pay a fee-based remuneration and, on top of that, you are offered incomparable conditions for all lighting thanks to our direct contacts.

Crystal chandelier:

The most beautiful Crystal chandelier directly from the producer are delivered to you by Marcottestyle. Quickly look at our wholesale prices delivered directly to you. The chandelier is supplied in a large sturdy cardboard, carefully packed. For safety reasons, not all crystals have been applied and you still have to apply and hang the single crystals according to plan. Take a look at our prices in our collection of crown chandelier.

These mood lights, spots or led strips are available in endless variations in size, shape and design. Of course, they also need to meet the installation requirements. For this, your interior specialist will help you make the best choice that matches with your new interior according to the best complete concept.

We always rely on experienced and certified technicians.
As an environmentally aware interior designer, we will also offer you LED lights if this is fitting in the context of the style. We can also always rely on light engineers directly from our network who will help you free of charge in the context of a complete decoration.

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We will pay attention to atmospheric lights with sustainable living solutions for your economic light comfort.