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Office furniture

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For Marcotte Style, it is always a challenge to not only sell office furniture, but also to create a work environment and complete office decoration that is pleasing to the eye. This new mood and environment will certainly optimise productivity. For each new design of an office interior, an interior architect will be assigned free of charge, who will, together with you, place the desired furniture in a 3D projection. This will provide you with a true and accurate view of your future office.

A professional design of an office will, without a doubt, boost the image of the company and boost confidence. Functionality and aesthetics need to go hand in hand to reinforce your company’s success.

Apart from cabinets and custom-made walls including lowered ceilings and special lightning, we can also just present you with fitting office furniture and convert these into a 3D projection.

Our interior architects will try to incorporate your company philosophy in the new office project. Thus, dynamic Hi-Tech will look different from a notary office. Usually, the latest technical gadgets are used in the project in order to provide wonderful results.

A pleasant work environment is the basis for motivating staff.

Pamper yourself and discover more by Marcotte Style. View some of our projects! We provide the right office furniture, because we know that a pleasant work environment is the foundation of motivated employees!