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If you opt for panelling we ensure that it is always made to measure and customized according to the length of every wall. We can use many different materials for the panelling. MDF or solid oak for example.

MDF: perfectly suitable for panelling

Mdf Panelling implies high quality pressed wood sheeting with a very high density, excellent flexural swelling characteristics and resistance to possible moisture.

We obviously use the best quality MDF in our interior decor projects. These sheets are easier to process than veneered particle boards or plywood. Also, MDF sheeting can be planed and be processed like solid wood. Deep grooves are possible thanks to CVC perfected machinery. Everything is always supplied with a base coat. Here too, everything is drafted accurately with our CAD program. Nothing is left to coincidence.

Make sure the panelling is painted properly!

Be aware of inexperienced interior decorators who would like to skimp on cost and only coat one side of the panelling with a base coat. Loose panels that are not confirmed on all four sides must contain just as many base coats and paint layers on the front and back in order to prevent the panels from buckling.