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Radiator clothing

Radiators are almost never a nice feature. In order to keep up the style, radiators are always cased, providing the home with even more charm. We always make sure that enough openings are milled so there is minimal heat loss. The panelling is adapted to the radiator casings, making them one whole. They are completely tailor-made, mitred in the workshop and, subsequently, cut to size on site. For instance, the sides are planed down in order to achieve a close fit with the walls, which are not always straight.

Be wary of inexperienced interior decorators who, to save costs, only supply one side that is primed. Loose panels that are not fixed on all four sides really do require as many layers of primer and paint on the front and back in order to prevent the wood from bending.

Our radiator casings truly become wonderful pieces of furniture, making the interior look even smarter.

Nothing is left to chance.