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Shutters and Blinds

We are the main distributor of BLEND windowfashion. Ask for our best price without obligation. We also furnish restaurants with Venetian blinds or shooters. Feel free to come take a look at the Hemelhoeve in Brasschaat with 385 seats fully furnished and decorated by Marcottestyle.


Thanks to the attractive shutters and blinds, wooden shutters with horizontal slats that are adjustable, light can be played, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The southern feeling par excellence, whether your interior is classic, modern or cottage. It always gives you a warm and sunny feeling.


Venetian blinds:

In comparison with the shutters, the blinds are noticeably cheaper and also give an almost similar southern warm atmosphere. Considering that people only work with solid wood, these blinds are also suitable for bathrooms, where you can prevent the view without allowing the light to disappear. When the sun shines through the slats, the space gets a very warm feeling. To give you an idea, the price is 1mx1m high, 25mm wooden slats from € 154 and with 50 mm slats from € 206, 70 mm from € 258.

Lime wood shutters

Count on approximately € 370 per m² with slat size 63mm or 89mm and 114mm, in all colors based on solid lime wood from America. Special shapes are also possible. With Blend window fashion you are assured of European quality standards. Lime wood is a light but sturdy type of wood and therefore retains its light wood structure as naturally as possible. Blend windowfashion works with hidden hinges These hinges give it more sturdiness and these panels fit seamlessly together so that it forms a sleek and stylish whole.
Marcotte Style as the exclusive distributor of BLEND window fashion, spoils you with the best conditions.


All shutters and blinds are completely made to measure. Blend windowfashion works with its own teams of experienced professionals. We visit you completely free of charge and without obligation, measure in, advise and discuss all possibilities with you. We also take care of the assembly with great attention and install throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. Customized cupboards can also be provided with shutter doors. Shutters and window decorations are custom made and available in any style at Marcotte Style. Classic atmospheric shutters, or rather sleek modern shutter, it is all perfectly possible. The prices of custom window shutters are of course available on request. While we always strive for the highest quality, we also ensure that the price of our shutters always remains very reasonable.

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Marcotte Style as the exclusive distributor of BLEND windowfashion, spoils you with the best conditions.