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In order to complete an interior decoration, silver cutlery is offered with a completely rejuvenated aspect. All wooden components are dishwasher proof. For regular use, the silver even hardly needs to be polished with silver polish. The forks and spoons are pleasantly rounded. The solid silver is .925 and 63 micron silver-plate, 150g more as usual. Inox 18/10 is also manufactured (18% chromium and 10% nickel).

Even if you do not desire a complete interior yet, you can still enjoy our prestige discount up to 20% discount on the retail price with a purchase of a 75-part silver cutlery set for 12 people as a welcoming present. The delivery times vary from 48h up to 3 weeks.

In case of a complete decoration, as a thank you for the pleasant cooperation, an even larger discount is offered. We are the main distributor for Alain Saint Joanis, who has been producing high-quality cutlery since 1876, and for Chambly France, which has also existed for over 100 years.

An interior design with matching cutlery and porcelain does provide a noble cachet to the whole.

Nearly all the silver cutlery with wooden handles is available in several purely solid wood types, such as Olive wood, rosewood, box tree and ebony. Additionally, also Havana, tobacco, ivory, black, perlemoen, gitane blue and lacquer colors are possible in order to make the interior really tie it all together up to this tiny, but pleasant detail that is visible several times each day.

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