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Cottage style

Cottage style:

In almost every country interior there are elements of cottage style such as cupboards, a rocking chair in cottage style, … Adjectives such as homeliness, coziness, authenticity come out spontaneously. The right choice of country furniture (reading chair, rocking chair, authentic bookcase) in combination with a well thought out interior design and the right choice of decorative elements (lighting, paneling, earthenware pots with plants, …) is essential to create a harmonious and warm whole. come.

Take a look at some country style réalizations.

Marcotte: specialist in cottage

If there is one style that best controls Marcotte, then it is the cottage style. The furniture of Marcotte Style does your cottage interior justice. In our webshop you can discover an endless range of cottage furniture.

Cottage as a total concept

Furnishing a complete room (kitchen, living room, lounge, bedroom) in cottage style is something our interior experts can do for you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. To create a balanced, authentic cottage atmosphere, Marcotte has all the assets: interior experts with feeling and expertise who can provide you with the right color advice and, of course, an exquisite selection of vintage furniture, country furniture that really comes into their own in a cottage setting.

Cottage furniture for every interior

Discover our comfortable fabric seats with an appropriate vintage look. Another typical cottage element in which Marcotte Style can make the difference: paneling and wooden furniture that perfectly match the typical wooden ceilings with characteristic beams that always return in the cottage style. For a house with a cottage interior, you can find all the appropriate furniture at Marcotte Style. Mostly from solid oak and often bleached with ammonia, giving them that typical, lived-through rural look.

Custom cottage interior design

If you use Marcotte, everyone will immediately feel that there has been a masterful interior designer at work in your house. It is always worthwhile to invest in a beautiful and timeless cottage interior!