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country style decoration

Who wants to decorate his house in a country style or who wants to complete the decoration of a country interior in the best possible way, has unbelievably many options at Marcotte Style. Not only are our interior designers all experts in rural decorating, our interior design shop is no less than the mecca for rural dcoration.

Country decorating with furniture from Marcotte

Furnishing your home or one or more rooms in your home in a country style can be a complex challenge. The versatile country style with its soothing character encompasses many different layers and subtleties that we have a good command of at Marcotte Style.

Accessories for decoration

Our holistic approach invariably guarantees a harmonious whole. It is in the fine details such as our beautiful wrought iron (bed) bedsteads, ceramic mirrors, our ‘cuddly’ fabric sofas, finished armchairs with woven pattern, next to a strikingly chosen plant in an earthenware pot, … all to be discovered in the webshop .

Rural cottage style

You notice that the English cottage style influences are never far away. Our interior experts know like no other how they can evoke the unique rural atmosphere. Many factors play a role in rural interior decoration: the architectural properties of the home, decorative details, colors, materials, etc. Decorating is all about making choices and Marcotte can help you like no other.

Lighting for rural decoration

To create atmosphere, lighting is of course not to be underestimated. To evoke the typical cozy, cozy, nostalgic rural atmosphere, you also have to make the right choices in that area. In terms of lighting, Marcotte Style has a lot to offer if you want to decorate your home nationwide. Our beautiful chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, wrought iron candle holders, hanging lamps, classic desk lamps are all gems in our collection.

National decoration: the specialty of Marcotte Style. Discover our rural interior decoration or have your interior fully designed.