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Curtain rods

Houlès- Paris:

Marcottestyle is the main distributor of the famous Parisian brand Houlès for curtain rods and rods.. From already € 280 we can propose a complete set for a window up to 160 cm wide with a rod of 180 cm.

Send us an email with your proposed model and specification of the width of your windows and we will provide an attractive price offer.

JAB Anstoetz:

In addition to the Houlès brand, Marcottestyle is also the main distributor of JAB Anstoetz.

Also the brand Interstil has chosen Marcottestyle as main distributor: Here you will mainly find the wave curtain rods, where the curtain stays in the same waves. This system not only saves fabric but is ideal for those who wish to have beautifully pleated curtains.



Simple ceiling rails or large design? The interstil curtain rods are no ordinary standard rails. Interstil developed the wave system. This keeps the fabric indisputably with a fixed style in the right place in a beautiful wavy motion. It also offers the right freedom of movement over large spans.

Sober panels rod:

Here, a panel rod is also perfectly suited for both a modern interior and for offices.



Finally, Marcottestyle also sells DECO LINE in which, in addition to beautiful rods or curtain rods, also regular, solid rails to raise the ceiling. This is of course the cheapest and sometimes also interesting when the rail is tucked away in a cove or just barely visible. Due to its light rounding, it also gains some allure and may sometimes remain visible without being noticed.