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Customized dressing

Customized dressing is our specialty:

Marcotte Style makes every dressing to measure, the style of which goes from rural to sleek and modern. Everything is completely tailor-made in our workshops and assembled according to the needs and wishes of the client. In addition, Marcotte Style is a distributor of DOCA dressings, of which you can admire some realizations.

Marcottestyle starts with a plan first. After this has been adjusted to all wishes of the customer, a new plan is made until it is final. The implementation plans are then drawn up and incorporated into the complete plan that removes all misunderstandings. The final link is the 3D realistic projection, where the tailor-made dressing is integrated into the interior.

Traditionally made wardrobe design with a luxurious country or modern style go hand in hand while our designers will first closely discuss your needs and your lifestyle in order to present the appropriate dressing. Every dressing is therefore very personal. For this this is always a unique piece where usually all spaces must be used intelligently.

Dressing LEMA Italy:

Marcottestyle works together with the well-known Italian brand LEMA because this is the only Italian manufacturer that can offer the best quality and price: from high gloss to leather doors. Sliding indentation doors and transparent dressings in metal give your dressing superlative class.

Some other options from the LEMA collection with leather doors:

Dressing in high gloss:

Dressing with wood:

A dressing is always prepared one by one according to the wishes of the customer in the workshop with the greatest care by means of the highest technological machines. Your dressing will then be placed and adjusted in a few days.


No decking slats or standard sizes are used here. All sizes are measured and our designer will always try to use all the spaces in such a way that no space is lost. A dressing is always too small. Every dressing is therefore always UNIQUE and tailor-made according to your wishes.

Design of a tailor-made dressing:

Buying a new dressing requires a lot of attention. Feel free to drop by to get some inspiration and you will soon be seduced by all the possibilities that Marcotte Style offers. With a dressing it is paramount to first know your wishes and needs. According to this data, we will prepare a dressing design down to the last detail, together with a 3D. In order for you to be completely satisfied, a perfect design must always be made, making it not only aesthetic, but also practical and user-friendly.

Here are some other dressing cabinets: dressing or space dressings.

Choice of material:

The most beautiful dressings that we sell is still the one we can make in our own workshop. These are usually in MDF that can be retrofitted to the color that best fits into the rest of the device. In addition, it is also possible to use a veneer or solid wood. This will naturally increase the price, but in the end a noble material is a lasting investment.


First we have to measure everything to make a correct preliminary design. Once the preliminary design has been approved and the switch to the implementation plan is made, we will make an appointment with you to definitively measure the dressing on site and to check the plan with all the details. Everything is thus measured twice to leave nothing to chance.


When everything is done in the workshop or at the DOCA factory, the entire dressing is displayed to check whether everything fits together neatly and nothing has been forgotten. Then it is dismantled and packaged to assemble the entire dressing at your home with your own transport. Since everything was put together in the studio, the construction on site only takes a few days.
Here are some further examples of our tailor-made dressings:

Modern dressing:

Marcotte Style also makes a modern tailor-made dressing. Here the cupboards are provided with press studs, without handles to keep the style sleek and modern. The wide frame, in high-gloss paint, also hides a cupboard. In order not to lose a place, without forgetting the aesthetic, the upper corners of the measuring cupboard are slanted off as it would be in the miter. This way you will not lose any corner in the cupboard.

From a large room to a cozy dressing:

Marcotte Style is synonymous with the design and renovation of rooms: a large, uninviting bedroom has been set up here. The space was divided by some beautiful custom-made cupboards. This makes the bedroom not only warm and comfortable, but also very practical.

Divide the attic space into a dressing room, bathroom and 3 bedrooms:

Marcottestyle is your partner for all interior furnishings from A to Z, with a turnkey finishing system. You don’t have to worry about anything without any stress. Your space will be reorganized and processed down to the last detail. From a large attic space to an upper floor with style. In order to take charge of the furnishings in a cost-conscious manner, some walls will not be finished and a long cupboard will be added, which will immediately give the room a beautifully harmonious finish.

A new heating system was also provided based on low temperature, to connect to the underfloor heating on the ground floor. The entire villa is heated at a low temperature, which is enormously cheaper.

An office will also be set up and 2 veluxes will be installed: