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Furniture country style

Solid, durable country furniture is an important part of living in country style. In order to evoke the typical, authentic, cozy, calming and above all “rural” living atmosphere that rural living is so famous for, a well-considered choice of furniture is crucial. Living room interiors, bathroom interiors, bedroom interiors stand or fall with a well-considered choice of furniture.

The furniture makes the interior

The typical cozy reading chair, the cozy English armchair, the wooden, homely dining table, the strategically placed classic reading lamp, the nostalgic fireplace or old-fashioned stove. It is the sum of all these high-quality elements that are perfectly integrated into a harmonious rural whole that gives a rural interior that little touch of extra cachet.

Cottage furniture pieces

Important for rural furniture are the color choice (soft colors that evoke cosiness, pastel shades) and the use of natural, authentic materials (types of wood from us such as oak, beautiful natural stone). Style elements such as velvet curtains in warm colors, wrought iron chandeliers, matching door handles and coat racks and other well-chosen decorative details such as old-fashioned oil lamps can of course not be missed to evoke the desired style (cottage, long island).

Furniture with an authentic look

You can gain a lot of inspiration in the very wide range of Marcotte. The rustic furniture of Marcotte Style, invariably give your home a calm, authentic and cozy appearance. Thanks to a well-thought-out interior with the right rural furniture, the feeling of rusticity can really be evoked in every home, whether you live in an apartment, old farmhouse, townhouse or townhouse.

The right furniture for every rural interior

Together with the passionate interior designers from Marcotte you can discover the possibilities within your home or room that you want to decorate from A to Z in country style. Our experts take everything into account: location of the room, the integration of already placed furniture, locations. Creating a country atmosphere at home is one of the specialties of Marcotte Style.

Living in a country style? Marcotte Style provides total interior design. Let your interior be transformed with country furniture and furnishings!