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Interior decorater

If you have purchased a new home or are going to renovate your old home, you may need interior decoration.

Therefore, choose the interior designers from Marcotte Style and turn your new interior into a beautiful unit. With us, the design goes further than purely and simply giving a room a different color. All rooms in the home are fully coordinated on the basis of style, color and materials. For example, do you have a modern kitchen? Then we extend that style directly to your living room or hall with our design.

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Interior decoration with a personal touch

Of course you have a lot of say in the interior design for your home. Our main concern is that you feel comfortable in your home: you have to stay in it every day. Our method is simple. An interior designer from Marcotte Style first of all calmly discusses your wishes and ideas with you. What is the current style of the home, which style do you want to create? Naturally we then add our own knowledge and ideas to this. So that together we come to a beautiful interior.

In addition to design, we can also provide you with free color advice. We immediately present our matching furniture and decoration materials. And because we keep everything under our own management and have no sales staff, you purchase everything from us at prices that are lower than in the normal store. Our showrooms that we have available for you are more than 6000 m2, so we always have the right interior for you. Contact the interior decoration service of Marcotte Style quickly.

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Do you want unity in your home? Then choose interior decoration from Marcotte Style to give your house a personal touch.