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Marcotte Style – the total interior design

There must be a difference. The personal home interior design of a house determines the atmosphere of a house. The colors, furniture and decorations affect the resident and at the same time form a way in which you present yourself to your surroundings. Many people have a strong opinion about the interior of their home and like to keep control of the interior design themselves. Or do you have little time to think out all the details of your home yourself? Marcotte Style offers a complete interior design for your home. The exclusive styles that interior designer Jean – Jacques Soenen offers are aimed at a total home design where all elements of the house are brought into harmony.

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The interior designer who works according to your style

As a specialist supervisor of interior design, Marcotte Style has various styles that can be applied to villas, country houses and luxury apartments. For example, a choice is possible to furnish the interior in a country style and this form can then be accentuated in various ways. Are you looking for a subdued ambiance? Do you like to retreat to a Mediterranean atmosphere? We seek out the elements that evoke the desired feeling. Modern styles are suitable for apartments, which can also have a soothing retro look with interesting details. Or do you feel at home in the elegant lines of the New York style as a cosmopolitan?

Interior design, completely customized

After an introductory interview, your interior designer will extensively analyze the living situation using photos and various digital means. We provide color advice so that a perfect ambiance can be created in combination with the right furniture and decorations. An assigned contact person supervises the interior design, which guarantees optimum communication and efficient implementation of the project. Tasteful, unique and dedicated. The exclusive interior design from Marcotte Style brings your home in complete harmony.

Marcotte Style provides total interior design projects. Let an experienced interior architect handle your entire interior design!