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Interior designer

Interior designer Marcotte Style

Have you purchased a new home or is your current home in need of renovation? Interior designer Marcotte Style creates a totally new interior for you, completely tailored to your wishes and taste!
Interior designer Jean-Jacques Soenen is driven by many years of experience in designing harmonious interiors. With him, interior design goes much further than just a new color on the wall and new curtains. All areas of the home are perfectly matched to each other based on a central design idea. All colors, materials and textures fit within the whole, while each room still has its own touch and interpretation.

The designer who listens to you

To achieve an interior that is completely in line with your wishes, communication is central at interior designer Marcotte Style. You will be involved in every step of the process. Before a real start is made, the designer will go through your wishes and ideas with you. The current style of your home is compared to the one you have in mind. This information is combined with our ideas and knowledge to arrive at a beautiful interior design.

Contact us quickly without obligation so that we can go over your plans and ideas in person.

Are you looking for an interior designer to give your home a new look? Marcotte Style provides total interior design entirely to your wishes.

Interior design with full passion:

Marcottestyle decorates both residential and hotel rooms and embassies in an elegant and attractive way, always with a cozy atmosphere.

We are passionate about interior design, inspired by national and modern know-how and create a stylish mix of timeless interiors.

Make an appointment, whether you are interested in one of our own furniture or want to start a project. Meet one of our designers and let us help you create an interior that you will enjoy for years …