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Living with style

If you want to live stylishly in a fantastic timeless interior that suits you exclusively, the interior design team of Marcotte Style can mean a lot to you. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise in every interior style, the passionate employees of Marcotte Style can perform miracles in any interior. From varied theme-oriented decorations to classic timeless and country-style interiors, with every interior style as the guiding principle of classy and stylish living, our interior experts know what to do.

Stylish living thanks to style experts Marcottestyle:

Full or partial interior design, customized color advice, theme provisions to achieve an exclusive living effect, at Marcotte we do not do half work. Living starts with a careful and detailed design. Because it’s all in the details. We therefore leave nothing to chance and take all factors into account.

Modern 3D approach for intelligent interior design

With the help of our advanced drawing program, fully developed to construct stylish interiors, and on the basis of photos that can be forwarded in combination with all of our product database from the Marcotte Style web shop, we make an ultramodern detailed 3D projection of how your interior could look like. This way the customer knows exactly in advance what to expect from the stylish and smart interior design of Marcotte Style.

Stylish living for every living style:

We are master of all living styles at Marcotte Style: sleek design, retro, rural, atmospheric rural, long island, sleek modern, soft cocoon, southern or Scandinavian accents, in every living style we have beautiful achievements on our record. Stylish living starts with high-quality and well-chosen furniture and accessories and thanks to our large stock and our exclusive top suppliers, Marcotte always knows how to make the best choices for every interior style.

Living adapted to the latest decoration trends:

We naturally anticipate the ever-changing decoration trends. Moreover, our highly communicating employees guarantee a smooth cooperation with the customer whose wishes we take into account to the maximum. Marcotte’s first priority is to find out as precisely as possible what the customer wants exactly. We then start working with the extensive resources that we have in-house. In this way you will experience the changing of the season or a pleasant party feeling (atmosphere of time par excellence) even more intensively.

Living with style from villas, apartments to embassies:

Each type of residence requires a different approach to living. Marcotte Style can realize stylish top interiors for villas, apartments, rural or urban homes and even for embassies, restaurants and hotels. If you want to live in style, a well-balanced, balanced interior design is of paramount importance. The applied color combinations, style of the furniture and the atmosphere and accessories must be combined in one complex, balanced whole to achieve the right mood effect. At Marcotte Style, we can find the right balance like no other and set accents to achieve a stylish and exclusive whole.

Modern living:

If you want to live in a modern and unique quality interior, it is best to go to Marcotte Style. The latest modern and trendy living styles have no secrets for our interior decorators and interior experts. Our top designers know how to handle the design, decoration, design, … of a modern home. Within each budget, Marcotte Style can achieve spectacular results in close consultation with the customer in a quick and smooth manner.