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made-to-measure cabinets

At Marcottestyle you will certainly find the most quality fitted cabinets according to your style and budget. First of all we would like to give you maximum budget prices according to the size that you provide to us. This already gives an idea of the total package where you can still puzzle to reach your proposed budget. The price of these made-to-measure cabinets depends so much on the finish and the layout you want. Only after a complete customized plan has been made can a correct price be established. That way you know exactly where you stand. Also have a look at other BESPOKE CUPBOARD and also some examples below:


Everything made to measure cabinets are accurately finished to the highest stage. The paintwork offers a high added value both in aesthetics and in maintenance. These are nicely lacquered in the factory with two-component furniture lacquer in matte, satin or even ultra-glossy. With Marcottestyle you always get free color advice. In this way we can also match the color of the bespoke cabinets and, if necessary, let them flow in the right colors with the curtains, carpets and furniture.

Suitable furniture:

Marcottestyle also sells its own furniture directly from the furniture manufacturer through partnership. This of course at competitive prices. All furniture can be upholstered with the appropriate fabric at no extra cost. You can choose your own fabric here or the same fabric as the curtains yourself, which is an actual eycatcher. Marcottestyle specializes in creating interiors with uniformly cozy furnishings.

After you have communicated your desired style and finish, you will receive the plans and a fixed offer. After this, upon approval, our interior specialist will come to take the measurements with you. The plans are then adjusted for a while and a 3d sketch is made of your bespoke cabinet.

Only after the latter has been approved by you, will everything go into production. A few weeks later our professional team carefully places the measuring cabinets and adjusts everything completely on site. They are made-to-measure cabinets and are therefore perfectly placed to the millimeter, sometimes sometimes between the walls or not, and usually finished up to the ceiling. Everything is carefully cemented with silicone. The work must always be perfect.

“Custom cabinets at Marcottestyle are high end furniture of design quality”

All made-to-measure cabinets are made in our own high-tech joinery with advanced technological CNC machines and sprayed in high-quality car paint quality.