Bedroom with bathroom and dressing - Marcotte Style
Bedroom with bathroom and dressing - Total Interior Design
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The parents would have liked the purple color, after which our interior designer had the curtains made and the bed made of the same fabric. The custom furniture that reminds more of an accent wall than a storage cabinet was of course painted in the same color in Marcottestyle’s workshops. The boards against the wall, made of solid wood or raw oak give a rustic look and break with the clean line. With the starry sky and LED strips, intimacy and ambiance is assured. Everything is finally homogeneous and therefore very serene and peaceful. A bathroom en suite and a dressing room in the next room are also nice. Have a look to other Marcottestyle bedrooms.

A real girl’s room:

Blue and pink were her favorite color, which fits very well in a real girl’s room. The bespoke cabinet and custom desk drawers were then carefully painted in blue satin color in Marcottestyle’s workshops, while our interior designer found the appropriate carpets and curtains, with the same colors. Not always easy to find the right color in the same range. The result can be there.

A unique bathroom on a small surface:

Indeed, it is not so simple to place a toilet and a double sink, as well as a large shower and an island bath in a small space of 3.5 x 3 m or 10.5 m². However, there is still space to circulate easily, but with a certain limit of two people. Contact us.