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Restaurant decoration

Production in own hands:

With our own production through partnership of furniture, Marcottestyle can fully customize all seats, sofas and seats for a perfect restaurant design. Here we can match the seats or chairs in the same fabrics or imitation leather to fine Italian leather with the curtains or carpets up to the wall coverings.

Comfortable dining chairs in a restaurant together with good acoustics through beautiful cozy curtains will certainly make the perfect dinner even more successful.

Wholesale price:

As a restorer you will of course receive a VIP wholesale price at Marcottestyle. In the end it is also about our business card and some sales. In addition, the design is of paramount importance.

De Hemelhoeve Brasschaat:

A large orangery of 320m² with a beautiful parquet floor and acoustic black ceiling was added to the existing farmhouse next to the Brasschaat castle. The Marcottestyle chairs in three colors stand out well here. The velvet fabric of these beautiful comfortable seats was impregnated against dirt with a special process, both wine and coffee simply drip off. An eye-catcher was a tree with a diameter of no less than 5 meters with gilded leaves. In addition, a pub of 150m² and a terrace of 220m² have been furnished. Another great realisation:

The interior design:

The layout and design of your restaurant business largely determines the feeling that customers get when they come in. First, a mood board will be set up that will bring your wishes, tastes to the fore. This is called the “look & feel” provision. If you do not find any sensory examples yourself, we will help you with this and present you with a lot of photos that you can find. Here, one photo can only show the coziness that you are aiming for, or the other can only display the perfect colors for you and yet another picture can show a total good impression for your taste. In this way we are on the same wavelength and we can directly prepare you a perfect preliminary project.

What are we doing:

A restaurant design ranges from new ceilings with special lighting, acoustic floors to complete decoration. Do not wear anything more than nice warm curtains. Marcottestyle is the specialist here: More than 3000 types of fabrics can be offered. Beautiful taffeta fabrics to silk fabrics or strong polyester fabrics, which feel like pure silk are possible. Fire retardant is also an asset that we have.

Take a look at our renovations to convince you what Marcottestyle could mean for you.


Below is a facility at the Kinopolis in Antwerp: Restuarant AXXES:

How do we proceed:

Moodboard; As already discussed, this is a very important first step to be able to immediately prepare a good preliminary design in which you can immediately find and adjust in the same direction.

  1. The layout for a good restaurant design is paramount. How the tables can not be too close to each other to receive as many guests as possible but where the waiters can easily work. Here the discretion is also important and sometimes the guests like to be close to strangers and sometimes not. The room layout is also used as the room with tables and chairs, the kitchen and the toilets.

  2. Furniture and curtains: All comfortable chairs are made to measure, whereby the colors are adjusted to the total picture together with the curtains.
  3. The lighting: Marcottestyle buys only directly from the manufacturer and has a lot of custom-made products to be able to present something personal and individual. Every restaurant design must be unique. The colors of the walls influence the light in such a way that we will always maintain the perfect balance. Our lighting specialists will certainly surprise you with this.
  4. Toilets: This is actually a business card of your restaurant. A beautiful clean toilet is reminiscent of a clean kitchen. The cozy atmosphere must certainly be extended to the toilet with possibly music to not break the ambiance.
  5. Storage cabinets: Sometimes this is not thought of. However, appropriate fitting cupboards or dressers are needed in every restaurant to store the cutlery and all other items. Also a trash and cleaning products or serviettes are daily expenses. Also a nice place for spirits can be interesting in the layout of the restaurant.
  6. Refrigerators: Some wine coolers in the restaurant itself are sometimes an eye-catcher, but usually this is placed next to or near the kitchen outside the view of the guests.