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Rural living

Country living: sustainable, cozy, authentic:

In times of sustainability and recycling, it is on the rise. Rightly so! The use of natural materials such as stone floors and types of wood ( eg oak ) from us generates a warm, authentic, cozy and country style. While the world is becoming more urbanized, rural living never goes out of fashion. You can also live in the city like this through the right national interior design (in which Marcotte Style is a specialist).

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Rest in the house thanks to rural living:

In addition, the soft colors, nostalgic touches and natural materials provide the necessary tranquility in the home. Studies show that the stress level of people decreases significantly in a calming rural setting. It is wonderful to cook in a well-equipped country kitchen that in the good sense of the word ‘old-fashioned’ looks, but is certainly not old-fashioned! Or how relaxing it can be to bathe in a nice bath in a country bathroom.

Varying in living:

By the way, there are infinitely many variations in terms of rural living: from the famous English cottage style (or cottage style as the English say it is) to the slightly more modern long Island style. Or even combinations with different style keys and style types (French style, Tuscan style, Swedish style) to achieve an eclectic and quirky effect. Our country-style kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms are all unique, well-balanced gems that are well above average in terms of aesthetics, practical use and materials.

Marcotte Style: specialist in rural living:

When it comes down to it, Marcotte Style is the versatile specialist who can assist you in all areas and can provide you with any specific national furniture item. Whether you are looking for matching country-style cabinets for your bathroom or country-style chairs in pure long island style or specific cottage cabinets for an authentic country-style living room interior, the large collection of Marcotte Style will undoubtedly provide you with authentic, high-quality country furniture. You get the advice of our experts for free!

Stock inépuisable de mobilier rural:

Grâce à notre gamme particulièrement étendue, chez Marcotte Style, vous pouvez trouver des meubles de style champêtre assortis pour chaque pièce spécifique: meubles de chalet avec un look vintage, armoires de chalet de toutes tailles et couleurs, une cuisine de chalet complète ou une chambre de chalet confortable. Le design d’intérieur de A à Z est notre dada et le design d’intérieur rural est la spécialité du style Marcotte.

Inexhaustible stock of rural furniture:

Thanks to our particularly extensive range, at Marcotte Style you can find matching country-style furniture for each specific room: cottage furniture with a vintage look, cottage cabinets in all sizes and colors, a full cottage kitchen or a cozy cottage bedroom. Interior design from A to Z is our dada and rural interior design is the specialty of Marcotte Style.

Rural furniture pieces with character:

It can safely be described as ‘a way of life’. When you think of living in the countryside (in a country house), you immediately have a rural setting in mind, but as you can see, you can also perfectly live in the city, because rural interiors can in fact be created everywhere: even in apartments or townhouses.