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Dining room

All custom furniture:

Take a quick look here at part of our range of chairs that are fully customized to your wishes. Each object is unique: Both in dimensions, colors and type of fabric or imitation leather or Italian leather are custom made.

Modern or rural dining room:

Whether it involves a cottage style or a modern dining room, the design must still be carried out in the same style as the rest of the home. Thus, the interior designer can be proud of being able to create a whole of the interior design for a modern dining room. This is then also the most important drive for Marcotte Style: always make sure that the dining room fits in with the rest of the interior. From the kitchen to the lounge and even the dressing room, everything should contribute to a complete uniform interior.

A completely integrated designer dining room

The dining room is increasingly seen as an integrated area within the total decor concept. It has become even more important that the dining room furniture forms a whole with the rest of the decor.

When furnishing a modern dining room our interior decorator has an important role. This way he/she can meet the demands and preferences of the client and create a uniform interior decor. Call us.

Spoil yourself and discover more modern Marcotte Style dining rooms. View some of our creations!

Dressing up a place to eat:

Just buying a dining table with some chairs in a furniture store is not advisable. Decorations must be provided. This can only be obtained if all furniture and decoration form a whole. For example, when purchasing a dining table, it is important to furnish the entire dining room with the appropriate carpet, curtains, dresser furniture, etc. Don’t forget to combine the right colors well. Our interior designer can fully support you in this and give you the right advice.