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Obviously you would like your library to be integrated in the total interior decor. Designer bookcases, a customized library cupboard: our interior decorators will ensure that the desired appearance is visible in all the rooms. With the correct style and colour, we ensure harmony and unity in your decor. This way your bookcases and library cupboards can be put to their optimal use in your desired design.

A personal touch to your bookcase design

Thanks to modern machinery with computer controlled saws and planes the design of your library cupboards can be perfectly finished according to your demands.

You don’t have any actual ideas for customized bookcases? Our designers propose far reaching and personalized library cupboards with your own logo and initials processed on the sides. So, whatever you desire for your bookcases in your library, we can create it for you.

Spoil yourself and discover more Marcotte Style libraries. View some of our creations!