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More and more, this is the beloved spot that is never left out in any interior project. Whether it is a country interior, or cottage, modern or design, an interior designer will always provide this snug aspect in which everything matches, thus providing peace of mind.

The orangerie used to be a covered and sealed gallery in every castle with many windows to let the sun through and where summer plants were protected during winter. Nowadays, we also call this the veranda, loggia or annex, but it has become more than just a separate terrace salon where people can enjoy the sunny days outside of the summer season and where the rays of the sun shine through the windows beautifully. The interior architect has to be able to bring across this feeling in his or her design.

Now, the orangerie has become one of those cosy places where you can retreat and find yourself in a different world. The interior decorating has to look as if the orangery is a complete part of the full interior design. It can be something unique, but subtle without the risk that this area suddenly feels off.

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