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Cocoon Interior

With country style the emphasis is on the cocoon-effect of a country-like interior. The cottage style is mixed in here without taking over the main role. A good interior decorator can convert a home or villa into a country style masterpiece without too many changes. A proper design is needed for this. New curtains, carpets, furniture and paint do wonders. The interior decorator will obviously ensure that everything is chosen in harmony. He/she will draft the plans in such a way that the snug country like feeling will still dominate.

in a world where one deals with excessive stress and disillusionment, you should be able to come home to your own cocoon, in a home with a country style interior where one can feel the harmony. Fleeing from the pressure, as a tortoise retracts to the safety and security in his shell. Creating a pleasant and harmonious home is an art that can usually only be achieved by an interior decorator. Country style is only real when you go for a complete refurbishing. The interior decorator can create unity and implement the cocoon like country style.

Country living: your interior ensures a feeling of shelter.

In your cocoon interior you can escape the stress of all days. In this way we create the cozy ‘home feeling’ that everyone is entitled to
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cocoon actually means protective ,, shell: in a cocoon interior you feel protected from the outside world, like a doll in a larva: the transitional form between a larva and an adult butterfly. So a shell of a butterfly doll such as a warm cozy house that has a shell or protection. The style is very strongly based on the rural, cottage or long Island style where you can relax in a warm and cozy interior!