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Contemporary Country Style

The rural executed in a more contemporary, clean way usually brings homeliness to a modern home. The house must remain in harmony with its surroundings. Thus, a mixture of contemporary and rural styles can sometimes be very pleasant. Cosy warmth on the one hand and clean and comfortable on the other complement each other.

It is an ideal style if one is willing to compromise between two distinctive styles and the interior architect is left with some careful fine-tuning. Playing with different light pastels and a sleek wall unit here and there with an integrated TV that maybe disappears by means of a cascade wall. High gloss could be just the thing here and the mixture of high-tech gadgets and ordinary, warm panelling can simply go hand in hand.

Country living?

A contemporary style that exudes the charms of old England. The specially made furniture makes the picture complete.

A perfectly contemporary rural interior:

Marcottestyle certainly remains the most-acclaimed interior designer specializing in the country-style warm style. In the last few years, only clean lines have been added to this style in order to arrive at a compromise that is more in keeping with the contemporary style. Contemporary and national make a nice combination with still a nod to the national. The coziness and the warm feeling of a country-style interior therefore continues to play its role here. At Marcottestyle, every totally furnished home is a unit of cosiness with a warm cozy feeling.

Take a quick look at certain total interior decorations that Marcottestyle could realize in the last 15 years.