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Contemporary Interior

A contemporary interior is a somewhat austere style, whereby a subtle design should be integrated. With a proper interior decorator everything will fall into place; Service, Furniture, Colour, Illumination, Customized cupboards, Curtains…. all in unity and completely in harmony. The contemporary interior fits together. Always rely on an interior decorator for your contemporary interior decor. The contemporary decor should remain a total concept where everything forms a whole. Not too modern, but certainly not to too retro.

Harmony for contemporary living

The contemporary interior forms a solid basis for your home and the future. A uniform appearance, that feels much richer than it really is. It also remains a successful idea in contemporary living for the kitchen and the living room colors to form a unit. Lowered ceilings with indirect illumination also provide an impression of exclusivity and could therefore separate two areas. The interior decorator will also always ensure perfect harmony where everything is balanced.

A contemporary Interior at Marcotte Style is sleek and follows the trends of today!
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Marcottestyle and contemporary style:

With a passion for contemporary style and passion with virtuoso professional knowledge, Marcottestyle makes the difference. The contemporary style provides slightly more sleek lines and a more modern whole as with a country or classic style.
We know how to put the points in the i. Each interior is therefore first thoroughly discussed with the owner, after which the project is carefully detailed. We would like to be involved in this at the start of the project to get a beautiful result in contemporary style.

With a contemporary interior, the interior designer will always ensure that the style retains a unity where the cosiness and aesthetics are combined with practical use.