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Modern Interior

A modern interior is characterized by straight lines and a lack of rounding. It should be noticeable in colour and interior design. The doors will be mainly constructed in glass or high gloss. Large handle-less sliding doors that automatically open with large windows to the floor will give the feeling of being outdoors. The incidence of light is extremely important in this style.

Snug modern interior

The modern interior should stay in harmony with the environment, garden and wall of the building. All areas are mostly large where the interior designer should be careful to address the somewhat cool aspect with snug carpets or an accent colour on a complete floor to ceiling wall. Everything will remain oblong, rectangular and stark in interior design. The dining table will usually seat six or eight persons with stark designer chairs in a harmonious striking colour. All drawers of the kitchen will preferably be as wide as possible and a separate appliance wall with 3 appliances in a row is still a must. The kitchen tablets are manufactured in Stainless Steel, hard rock or composite ceramics.

Design decor represents harmony

With such design decor the colors, furniture, upholstery and illumination should be harmoniously combined to a whole. Proper modern decor should fit and remain fitting as a glove. Contrary to what many people believe an interior is still more than just some furniture. The interior of a home is the walls, floors, stairs, colors, windows, ceilings, carpets, lights…. and all of this in harmony.

Modern interior

Anyone who has had their eye on a modern or contemporary interior for their home will undoubtedly be able to find inspiration or (loose) ideas. There is no shortage of nice photos, ideas, living magazines, living blogs, pin tests, of or about modern interiors. But integrating everything intelligently into a practical, homogeneous, well-arranged and tight overall concept requires a great deal of know-how and knowledge. The art of a modern interior to make the right choices, to choose the right colors and materials, to combine the right pieces of furniture and to put them in the right place, is what Marcotte Style professionals know better than anyone.

Modern interior design

Our interior designers have already designed dozens, perhaps hundreds of modern interiors. Both for luxury villas, hotels, restaurants, embassy buildings and for apartments or regular houses. If the Marcotte designers get to work with the solid ingredients of an interior with a contemporary look (clean lines, durable, subtle compact custom-made designer furniture made from sustainable materials), the result can be seen.

Modern interior with custom furniture

To start with, Marcotte Style has access to renowned top collections with the very latest trends (including a very extensive own collection). In addition, thanks to their insight, experience and creativity, interior designers always know how to realize a modern dream interior in every room to be furnished. Jean Jacques Soenen and his team have more than earned their stripes and are constantly raising the bar.

Interior design for modern interior

Stylish and homogeneous interior design in a modern interior is the specialty par excellence of our passionate designers. Customer friendliness is central. Soenen combines a good listening ear with a good listening ear to the wishes of the customer. The modern interiors of Marcotte exude pure class.

Modern interior design

Anyone who wants to furnish their home or one or more rooms / rooms in a well-balanced and successful manner in a fresh, modern style has come to the right place at the top designers of Marcotte Style. The combination of furniture, archers, curtains, home accessories from various top collections and our own collection enables us to create unique top interiors in modern style. We always strive for a harmonious and balanced interior design. In our showrooms you can already gain the necessary inspiration.

Modern kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms

In modern kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or other spaces, you and your guests will immediately feel at home in the relaxed and soothing atmosphere that characterizes our modern interiors designed to perfection. Aesthetics, intelligent design, clever use of spaces go hand in hand with evoking the right atmosphere and feeling.
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