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Total interior renovation

Marcottestyle is the specialist for every total interior design:

Completely renovating your home has many advantages and a very large added value. If you like to live in your area, although your home is somewhat outdated, then a total interior renovation is an interesting option. The investment you make here is by no means lost and sometimes a surplus value in sales can pleasantly surprise you after a few years.
Two methods are distinguished for a complete interior design. In other words, it is only lightly intervened everywhere with more emphasis on paintwork, bespoke cabinets lighting, new furniture and decoration with curtains and carpets. The most important thing is that it becomes a whole where conviviality and tranquility are the pleasant result. Furthermore, new suspended ceilings with LED spotlights can be installed. New floors and well-insulated windows are also important.

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Or an in-depth renovation is sometimes required, whereby everything is traced back to a hull situation. Here Marcottestyle is going to propose a completely new interior. Where there are many spaces, it is usually suggested to completely change the layout, because at this stage it is important to redistribute the spaces if necessary. For example, instead of five or small rooms with only two bathrooms, only three large rooms can be created, each with a bathroom and dressing in suite. Once you get used to such a contemporary layout, you can’t imagine anything else. Furthermore, electricity renewal, windows, floors, ceilings, plasterer are on the agenda. After drying, everything is painted according to a specific schedule and design. Everything from A to Z is planned here and after the structural work it is time for the actual design.

Combining functionality and aesthetics:

The strength of Marcottestyle is of course the ability to balance aesthetics with functionality. Of course, everything is always aesthetically perfect here, but there are many ways to achieve this, provided that the functionality and practical side are not forgotten.
Every project is carried out with heart and soul to achieve the perfect realization.
View our achievements and pay special attention to every detail: Marcottestyle leaves nothing to chance. Everything is thought out on plan to achieve a perfect result.