Complete renovation in Temse - Marcotte Style
Complete renovation in Temse - Total Interior Design
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Marcottestyle has the reputation to take on a complete renovation according to the rules of art, with both timing and follow-up being important. This villa was completely stripped. All rooms were redistributed, and the villa was extended by a new beautiful elongated veranda.

As a result, the kitchen suddenly acquired a southern atmosphere. The pleasant sunlight shines throughout the day through the white blinds. This suddenly creates a warm southern feeling, notwithstanding everything is white.

After four months, the result was seen, and the residents could move in. Afterwards, finishing some details, one gets the impression that the villa has been newly built.

Almost everywhere new ceilings were installed with beautiful led spots. The entire ground floor was given a new parquet. The parquet of the first floor, on the other hand, was only sanded and treated with a white oil.

New electricity and full-fill walls were necessary. This is really a deep total renovation, where only the outer walls, roof and complete skeleton have remained. New windows, doors and floors were therefore quite an upgrade.

The villa was transformed into a cozy country style. A real metamorphosis.

Every room and space were given an air conditioning. The beautiful curtains also decorate the rooms nicely and in the bedrooms was of course opted for dim-out or blackout lining. Behind each curtain a roman blind was placed to guarantee privacy with no neighbors view without having to sacrifice a reduced light.

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