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The Bedroom:

Decorating a bedroom is no easy feat. The interior designer will once again ensure that the chosen style will also be implemented here to create a perfect interior decor. The design will also play an important role in the complete refurbishing. The interior decorator will consider the selected main colour scheme of the home in an elegant bedroom design. This room is designed in such a way that every corner is put to optimal use, including some technical features if required.

Complete refurbishing: optimal bedroom decor
When decorating the bedroom, customized furniture is the ideal solution to make optimal use of the area.

From “HIGH-END to basic chic:

Are you looking for the pinnacle of the bedroom or more of a affortable cozy bedroom: Marcottestyle will always give you a customized design of your choice. We always design for you the bedroom of the highest quality according to your predetermined budget.

All this exclusive furniture is distributed by Marcottestyle. Do not hesitate to contact us. Write us an email.

Hereafter you will find further random pictures of our realisations:

From ordinary, yet cosy bedrooms, to something more exclusive: Marcottestyle will turn your current bedroom into a dream, always according to the budget that you are willing to spend.   Hereafter, you will see different random pictures each time:

The interior decorator can also design furniture in which the TV can be built in. Hiding the electronic equipment is an important point in the decorating the bedroom. The unity of the overall decor is the key to decorating a beautiful bedroom. Thanks to the total concept offered to you by Marcotte Style, your harmoniously successful interior decor is basically a done deal. Choose a professional design for your bedroom too. Have a look at our collections where you can choose from our latest bedroom furniture, amongst others.

Here are some Marcottestyle inspired bedrooms:

Spoil yourself and discover more Marcotte Style offices. View some of our realizations!  Or call us.

Choose your bedroom that Marcottestyle can make for you: