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Marcotte Style – exclusive home interiors

Marcotte Style – Exclusive interior design, custom made

Marcotte Style stands for a stylish and homogeneous Interior design for every interior. Jean Jacques Soenen has acquired name and fame in recent years with total or partial interior decoration of villas, apartments to restaurants, hotels and embassies in Belgium and whole Europe. Thanks to our  high-tech woodcraft and furniture factory, in partnership we can deliver quality custom-made products price-conscious throughout whole BELGIUM, the NETHERLANDS, France, Germany and for larger projects all over the world.

From renovations to total decoration, with the appropriate furniture, lighting, curtains, etc: take a look at our OFFER, to see what we can do!

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Interior: decor and more

Marcotte Style specializes in complete uniform home interior decorating of villas or apartments based on your budget. Based on our architectural folder with detailed pricing, professional CAD plans, realistic 3D projections and photos of every selected object the interior architect will help you design your new interior decor. Everything in harmony and filled with lovely surprises.

Apart from our knowledge of interior decor we also offer free colour advice. We will also introduce you to our appropriate furniture and decorating materials. By controlling everything personally, without any dealers, we can offer you a better deal than through an ordinary store.

Passion and enthusiasm

If you choose Marcotte Style, you opt for a thorough and personal approach to your interior. Or interior designer, Jean Jacques Soenen combines a trained eye with a good listening ear to the wishes of the customer. For whatever style you choose: we strive together with you for balance and perfection. Whether you want to decorate one or more rooms, Marcotte Style guarantees top quality. Our passionate designers realize a dream interior in close and clear consultation with you for every unique case.

“Jean Jacques Soenen is a passionate and ambitious interior designer who, together with his team, really knows how to make from every interior a wonder.”


Our approach is focused on customer satisfaction. Every assignment is for our interior designer and / or our interior architect to look for quality first and foremost with the most interesting price ratio. The target is always a unique quality interior. To achieve the best result, we use furniture, carpets, curtains, lightening and home accessories from the latest top collections, including our own collection, where everything is custom-made (see our webshop). On pieces from our own collection you get the same discounts for a total device as with the webshop.

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  1. If you would like to first visit our show villa in Antwerp or near Brussels for the purchase of our furniture collection, you are always welcome by appointment. Marcottestyle delivers throughout Europe and worldwide.
  2. If you wish to redesign one or more rooms in a cosy and professional manner, or if you want a complete interior design, we are pleased to welcome you after making an appointment in our show villa for an informal first conversation: Our work area is mainly located in the whole of Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany and for very larger projects, all over the world.

Here you can feel the warm comfortable atmosphere of our show villa itself and we will be able to conduct an exploratory conversation with budget presentation.

Your wishes are important: As manager I like personally to meet you first. I can also come to you if desire. During this first meeting, your expectations, wishes, budget presentation will first be discussed, after which you will have a clear vision of the necessary budget and the subsequent course of argument.

More information 

To buy some furniture you can also go to Marcottestyle. Without a price difference, every seat, chair or bench can be ordered in all colours. We sell our furniture Europe wide.

Thanks to our network and professional team, Marcotte Style can really do everything in terms of customized interior design. Thanks to our partnership with a hi-tech joinery and large furniture factory, we can provide you with quality custom-made products, at attractive conditions.

What do we do, look at our offer?

  • All custom cabinets (dressing room, libraries, wall cupboards, wall cladding, paneling) Suitable furniture, curtains and carpets, which will make your home warm and homogeneous …
  • Arranging and dressing of one or more rooms, such as:

o Living room and / or dining room, home offices, bedroom, Wellness,

o New kitchen

o Design bathroom

o Set up restaurants and hotels.

  • Complete renovations with floors, ceilings, plumbing and electricity, together with the interior design and decoration.
  • Part or complete harmonious interior decoration from A to Z: New furniture with matching curtains and carpets, then possibly new kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with dressing room to completely strip homes with new floors, ceilings, windows, new reclassification of the rooms, lighting, plastering and painting …
  • Direct sales of own brand collections, cabinets, chairs, tables, sofas, office furniture, beds, customized kitchens, archers, lighting, curtains, carpets, plumbing, riveting, silver cutlery and table service. With purchase you can always count on free ADVICE. The production for all furniture is in-house which can be done first and foremost, and that no intermediary is needed, these exclusive and high-quality branded furniture from the Marcotte style collection can be delivered directly to you at competitive prices.

Advantages of total or partial interior decoration:

  • Marcotte Style is not only limited to the indicated collection but is much more extensive and can offer you almost everything to fulfil your wishes.
  • Thanks to our professional work and responsibility-sensitive follow-up, where quality pays off, we will finish your interior design with full passion and enthusiasm.
  • Appropriate colours are the basis of a successful interior, as a result of which Marcotte Style always provides you with free colour advice.
  • Price-sensitive with always the best quality is the guarantee for a lasting added value.

Would you prefer to meet us first?

Are you really committed, it is no point for us to visit you first free of charge. However, if we were not allowed to have this feeling and to prevent misuse, the travel costs can be charged for this. Contact us to discuss this? The first interview in our offices is always FREE.

How do we work:

  • First discussion and cost estimate:

You first visit our show villa, where you can feel our Know-How and cosy decor yourself. We will discuss your wishes in detail and draw up a budget. We would like to come to you first and if you are committed, we will take all the dimensions and a subsequent budgeting will be discussed. Until now there is a no cure, no pay. So you pay nothing up to this moment.

  • Preliminary design:

In order to be able to draw up a thoroughly correct preliminary design with 3D photo realistic representations and detailed CAD plans, with a detailed, well-organized file, in which every object obtains a photo, price and description, at least 60 hours is needed. Because we hope to convince you with attractive design, ideas and prices, this preliminary design is completely free if you wish to continue working with us. Up to this stage, therefore, is still “no cure, no pay”. If you decide not to continue working here and we can not do anything more for each other, then you will be charged this preliminary design at a fixed price, ranging from € 500 to a maximum of € 1500 (which in this case usually only means € 25 / hour). You therefore have no risk.

  • Final collaboration with dots on the i:

Now that the preliminary design has the right feeling, and you want to continue our collaboration, we will adjust everything together until you are completely satisfied with the result. We closely monitor everything until delivery and are always on stand-by.

May we are also soon together with a new design for your cosy dream interior? Interested in a perfect collaboration with Marcotte style for interior decoration; make a free first appointment via the contact form or call us. Phone nr. : +32 3 230 40 11