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Long island style

Along with the cottage style, long island style is one of the most important trends within the umbrella country style. Characteristic factors of long island are open design (open spaces), light colors such as white with accent colors red and blue, often with accessories with stripes or checks (eg with linen or cotton cushions), maritime influences, use of porcelain and types of wood from light wood such as teak, natural stone, tiles, … In short, long island is a fresh, loose style that you can use in many directions. The maritime influences (such as beach houses) evoke a holiday atmosphere. Fresh and well-chosen flowers can enhance this effect.

Furniture for long island style

The long island interior style is a country style that we master very well at Marcotte Style. Our collection of sofas, seats, chairs, cabinets, desks and bathroom furniture contains numerous gems that fit perfectly in the long island style.

Marcotte Style: expert in long island style

Our interior designers feel like no other how contemporary country furniture can be fitted in a certain interior style such as long island. In our interior shop you will find a fantastic range of furniture that comes into its own in a long island interior.

Long Island et le style cottage:

Long island and the cottage style:
The two styles are closely related to each other and both come from beach house establishments, where a lot of white-painted wood is used. Light tones with wide white beams and a wide light parquet floor is one of the features. Given that the terraces on the ground floor were always present in the long island style, this remains one of the greatest features of this style. With the typical balustrade in white painted wood, the colonial feeling remains fully present.


The long island style is actually part of the cottage style from England. The Long Island was originally the long island adjacent to the city of New York, where a beautiful sandy beach has emerged. The west of Long Island was colonized by the Dutch. They called it the long eylant. The island was part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland. Along the long coast, numerous large villas have emerged, always with the same long Island style in the beginning.