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apartment furnishings

Marcotte Syle is a specialist in home furnishings and that includes apartment furnishings. For each project we check what the budget of the customer is and what can be achieved with it. On the basis of our file with, among other things, a detailed price specification and professional CAD plans, we realize the dream design of your apartment or penthouse. All elements of your apartment furnishings are brought into harmony.

Furnish apartment and much more

In addition to our expertise in the field of penthouse and apartment furnishings, we also give you free color advice. You will certainly find what you are looking for in our wide range of furniture and decorative items. Because we do everything in-house, we are a lot cheaper than the normal stores. Moreover, we have more than 6000 square meters of showrooms. You can also find the layout of your large or small apartment here! Marcotte Style can take care of your apartment design in different styles.

Throughout the realization of your project you always have contact with the same person. In this way we can guarantee that your project will almost always go according to plan. If you now want to furnish a large or a small apartment, with Marcotte Style you are sure of a successful result.

Take a look at our “realizations” page. There you will find a lot of examples of our apartment furnishings. Do not hesitate to contact us for a first, free, discussion!

Rural living in the city:

Marcottestyle has conquered an important place in the national design of apartments. Somewhere one might experience this contradictorically, but in the city one can also live very well in the country.

Apartment furnishings with Marcotte Style. In addition to our expertise in the field of apartment design, you also receive free color advice.