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Curtens and blinds from JAB:

Our very large range of curtains and blinds are tailor-made with the most care using our high-quality JAB fabrics by Marcottestyle . Please give us the measurements of your windows and you get a FREE quote without obligation calculated on a high quality luxurious fabric from € 30 / Rm. You decide further on whether you choose a fabric that is more or less expensive. After a about 3 weeks your curtains will be professionally installed for you. For the decoration of a home, curtains are always a prerequisite. They create a homely atmosphere. This can be achieved in the form of blinds, too, for a modern interior design.

Automatic curtains:

Have your curtains closed automatically with our high-quality rails in wave or theater form for about €780 for windows up to 3m wide (price in 2021 with remote control and all necessary accessories excluding VAT and installation. The standard rails themselves go up to 5.8m wide. Closing all curtains automatically with remote control and linked to your IPhone or tablet is the first step towards a modern future.This is possible with a connection to 220V or with battery and battery charger.  Take a quick look at this short attractive video convincing no? 

Contact us quickly for a no-obligation quote. Here are several automatic wave curtains 3m high that open and close like in the theater: 

Choice of colours:

The choice for the main colour is of course the most important chapter. Once this is settled, the interior designer will select approx. 100 samples from our collection of more than 5,000 samples or 20 lm that suit the project. Should you not be able to find what you want, we can find other samples for you directly at JAB’s show rooms. Sometimes this happens in an interior design requiring specific ultra-wide and high curtains.

JAB presents fantastic fabrics ranging from € 15 to € 250 or more per running meter on a specific width of about 1.40 meters. However, many common dazzling fabrics can be bought at around € 30-40 per running meter.

Automatic blinds are also professionally prepared and delivered.

Moreover, we can also suggest specially designed blinds for Velux windows. These can be used for darkening the room or for decorative purposes. This system is also especially well-suited as office window decoration. It is a specially designed system by JAB that offers numerous colour and motif options. For this, we can also supply an extensive sample fan.

Pamper yourself and discover more by Marcottestyle. View some of our projects!

As JAB’s main distributor, Marcotte style presents curtains, blinds and bedspreads with fantastic fabrics ranging from € 20 to € 250 or more per running meter