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Do you also have an office in your home? Marcotte Style will take care of it for you. With new constructions a small and homely office is often desired. Especially when it involves a country residence, we can create solid oak desks and a pleasant ambience for the office decor. With a modern style we prefer to design a customized desk with stark lines, made from modern materials. For example, think of an office with glass, stained glass, PVC with synthetic fibres or a solid MDF finished with a high gloss.

Your office decor in the same style

With office décor in a modern living room, you can think of an integration in the living room.

Obviously the designer should continue to form a whole throughout the entire home. The interior designer decorates the office in such a way that there is no feeling of working in a normal room. The warmth of home will remain central and will have an impact on the furnishing of your office. Maybe even with soft music playing in the background.

Office decor for the business market

We also provide complete decor for entire offices. Here we have a separate section focusing on the functionality of the furniture. Decorating such a business office is our specialty. Also, if you purchase your office furniture manufactured in Germany, you will profit from the services of an interior designer trained specially for this purpose. Completely free!

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