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Inner Architect

Marcotte Style, the Inner architect:

If you are looking for a good interior architect to give your home a new look, choose one of the most experienced in the country, Marcotte Style. At Marcotte Style, the profession of the inner architect has been lifted to a higher level.

Interior designer Jean-Jacques Soenen ensures that a homogeneous and complete interior design is created for each individual room. Both for luxury villas and cozy apartments. She will work with you, so that they come up with a truly stunning design based on your wishes. Every architecture file is clearly prepared with a careful detailed quote, where everything is 100% transparent. In this way all possible misunderstandings are wiped away.

Marcotttestyle is at home in all styles from rural, contemporary to modern.

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The interior architect of your home

Interior design that comes about through Marcotte Style, looks at the current situation of your home and first discusses your wishes and ideas with you. Then the Interior decorater go to work. Our interior design thus always takes into account the homogeneous nature: after all, all rooms in the home have to fit well together.
Your inner architect uses CAD plans, graphic 3D projections and photos of all chosen objects. You are involved in every step, so that a beautiful interior design that fully meets your needs is achieved.

Interior decorator with an eye for detail

Anyone who has their home restyled by Marcotte Style will taste the same atmosphere in every room of the home. Marcotte Style stands for harmony. Carpets, curtains, kitchens and bathrooms: everything is perfectly matched. In addition, the architect can provide you with color advice for your home if desired. Moreover, you always have contact with one and the same person. This obviously benefits communication and therefore also the progress of the project!

With passion and with attractive conditions

Jean-Jacques Soenen is the manager of Marcottestyle and is the passionate feather who will supervise every project himself. This assures the client a perfect finish, because every customer at Marcottestyle must always be 100% satisfied. This is our best advertisement, by the way.