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Cottage furniture

It sounds obvious, but a house with cottage funriture feel like home and yet creating a homely atmosphere is often more difficult than people think. A serene environment where the energy still splashes is easily possible with the cottage style. This style is based on farmers’ farmhouses from England from around the nineteenth century. These days the weather is completely in, because the style provides a relaxed and pleasant environment.

The romance is never far away.

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Cottage furniture with style

To create the cottage style it is also necessary to make the interior as perfect as possible. The cottage furniture is ideally suited for this. The ideas of Marcotte Style are close to the design of the cottage style. With some modern gadgets, a new style is created where people like to stay.

Enjoy life

Furniture is the heart of the house. They give direction to a feeling that is often not easy to describe with words, but is certainly present. Design, class and a tasty design belong to someone with a refined taste. Perhaps you are already convinced of the combination of soft colors and stylish furniture that form such a delightful whole.

Class pays off

You do not refurbish your house every week and it is important to give it the necessary attention. With Marcotte Style you bring the furniture in cottage style together with the modern design of the rest of the house or room. This creates a whole that makes you happy and, moreover, doesn’t get bored of quickly.

New experiences

The romantic atmospheres in which you now move with the cottage furniture invite you to experience the most intense experiences. With family, friends or the neighbors next door you will experience the most beautiful moments in a rustic style. The tasteful furniture is happy to contribute to this


Do you want to give your interior a cottage style? Then count on Marcotte Style to find the right cottage furniture for you. View the cottage style furniture!