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Interior decoration

Are you looking for a new interior design for your home? Choose the quality of interior decoration from Marcotte Style. An Interior design from Marcotte Style comes with really great solutions for every type of home. Creating and maintaining unity in the home always comes first. So no separate spaces in your home that do not fit together, but rather a total interior decoration that gives the same appearance to every room. And whether it must be rural or modern: any interior design is possible with our specialists.

A design interior based on your wishes

A design interior from Marcotte Style starts with an exploratory conversation between you and our interior designer. The situation is first outlined here. What kind of home do you live in, what do you want to change, what style suits you and what is your budget? Based on all this information, we will get to work for you so that we can arrive at a beautiful design interior. We use an architecture file, beautiful 3D projections, professional CAD plans and photos of all chosen objects. So that you get a clear picture of the final result in advance.

An interior design in style

The most important part of an interior design by Marcotte Style is harmony. Our interior architect do everything to create the same atmosphere in every room of your home with our interior design. In this way everything forms a wonderful unity and you can really enjoy a beautiful interior. We call that designing in style!

Treat yourself to an interior design by Marcotte Style. View some of our achievements or view our press articles!

 Are you looking for a new interior design for your home? Choose the quality and design interior of Marcotte Style. Custom interior design!