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When searching for a design kitchen one can obviously turn to many stores. But, would it not be great if you only had to enter one shop? Marcotte Style offers designer kitchens which are not only customized, but also completely integrated into the total interior design.

Unity between designs

Designer kitchens are available in various types and sizes. At the moment the open kitchen is very in. This is why it is extremely important to create a unit between the living room and the kitchen. The designs of a customized designer kitchen from Marcotte Style is so much more: it is a design that forms part of a complete interior decor.

Thanks to computer controlled and highly technological machines Marcotte Style creates amazing designs. Even an ordinary kitchen becomes a designer kitchen if it forms a part of the whole. With us the furnishing of you designer kitchen is always different and special!

Feel free to contact us and view some of our realizations!

A design kitchen that is fully conform to the style of the rest of the house? Discuss with us all possibilities with Marcotte Style.

Modern Kitchens:

Thanks to high technology joinery with special paint department, with which Marcottestyle has a partnership, it is possible to deliver high-end custom work. The high gloss lacquer in two components is very strong and almost scratch free, but also smooth as the bodylacq of a beautiful limousine.

Small kitchens:

Small kitchens also suddenly seem much larger and more spacious by giving it a different style. With special lacobel glass horizontally against the work surface or countertop, Marcottestyle can display exactly the same color as the accent walls. This immediately gives a completely different picture and is also not expensive. One only needs to know precisely where savings can be made and where absolutely not.