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Become Franchisee and partner of Marcotte Style

As an ambassador of the Marcotte Style, you will first receive an interesting price for your total interior design and afterwards you will receive an attractive financial intervention for each customer that you present by giving a visit (always by appointment) in your home.

Moreover, if you are an interior designer and are interested in this, you can start immediately thanks to our experience, know- how , own brands and full support and own logistics. Also as a stay-at-home wife (or husband) where you feel attracted to nice interiors and possibly also know something about this, you can obtain an interesting additional income and also have your house completely furnished by Marcotte Style:

  • You love beautiful interiors and decoration.
  • You own a villa, house or apartment that needs a complete refurbishment.
  • Your interior will be completely transformed into Marcotte style at special condition.
  • As a partner, you will only occasionally show your property to potential customers after your appointment according to your availability.
  • Every new customer brings you a nice commission.
  • You do not worry about logistics: Transport, storage and organization will be provided by Marcotte Style.
  • No entry -or membership fee: You only have to invest into your own interior and in the furniture with special conditions.

Interested? Write us an email with a few photos of your home with address and with as much information as possible.

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I. Why become a Marcotte Style ambassador:

Happiness means being able to do your own thing on a daily basis, in which you are gifted. At Marcotte Style this can become your daily life.

If you can fully agree with the Marcotte Style and choose to become a Marcottestyle ambassador , then you have certainly made one right choice and this is already the first step to obtain a new interior in

Marcottestyle in an interesting way or As a possible interior designer, you can immediately run at full speed with a sustainable concept.
Marcotte style stands for harmonious complete interior design, where everything can be tailor-made where everything fits together.

By being able to show a private residence in Marcotte Style to oriented customers in an original way per province on a global level, it is easy for the Marcottestyle ambassador to arouse interest and quickly proceed to recommend a new total design or just a sell furniture or sofas through our services, without having to deal with or follow up with the customer.

Marcotte Style wants to grow with its concept and style into a leading network, where all ambassadors are part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team, who together will form the success of a unique interior design concept. Our goal is to find result-oriented partners who are just as committed to Marcotte Style as we are.

II. How do we work together?

Ideal concept not only for an interior architect with private home:

Our unique approach to the interior market is a non-conventional concept: The ambassador only needs to receive a customer who is sent by us to view the property and we do the rest. If this customer then enters into a contract for a total design, you will receive an attractive intervention. If you can introduce a customer yourself through your acquaintances, then the intervention is indeed more important. If the customer ultimately buys badly, a piece of furniture always remains an intervention on our part.

No transport and storage costs when selling furniture:

If only furniture is ordered, Marcotte Style will deliver this directly and unpack it to the end customer within approximately 4 to 8 weeks, with no work for you: applying the customer is enough.

With total projects, everything will first be collected and stored by Marcotte Style in order to be able to deliver everything to the end customer in one go. It does not matter whether the products are produced by us or by an external supplier, we coordinate everything and ensure that the products are delivered to your end customer in one delivery. This unique system makes the process more efficient and faster.

III. Our style and concept?

Selected relevant products:

We strive to only develop products that fit in with our style, with respect for design, quality, at an appropriate price and with the possibility to get everything made to measure. For example, all seating furniture is completely made up according to the customer’s choice with not only more than 250 standard colors, personal fabrics or also all types of colors for finishing the legs, with or without piping in other colors and you name it. All this usually at no extra cost.

Affordable reduced sales prices:

By bringing everything directly from the factory to the consumer over time, under our own management of Marcotte Style, we can offer attractive prices that have already been reduced through the webshop and whereby the ambassador does not have to bear any costs for logistics or other costs. So you never have to argue about pricing and just concentrate on applying customers.

III. Support:

A. know-how and ethics:

We have years of experience with furniture production. The manager of Marcotte Style, jean -Jacques Soenen has been closely associated with luxury furnishings and real estate throughout his life. Thanks to this more than 30 years of experience and know-how, together with close cooperation with our furniture production partners and also close cooperation with other suppliers or manufacturers all over the world, there are major benefits. We have deliberately chosen to work only with a small number of producers that use the same high quality standard as ourselves. Together we work on the development of new models and designs. We will also always try to prevent environmental pollution, violation of human rights, standard working conditions etc. with every production.

B. Selling tools:

  • CAD plans: To date, every project is completely finished by Marcotte Style on plan, whereby you do not have to do anything for further development and follow-up.
  • Styling: Given that your home is now completely furnished by Marcotte Style, it would be assumed that everything is finished, but follow-up is still provided by, for example, providing free-of-charge tips for the design and positioning of newly arrived items.
    The website is still the best selling tool, where it is easy to assemble the furniture to measure based on the actual fabric samples and wood samples with a direct visual effect and a correct final price.
  • Analysis of sales figures: We constantly follow the evolution of all ambassadors, after which we prepare and evaluate a report in order to be able to propose the necessary adjustments or efficient improvements with new tips, but always without obligation.

V. Marketing and publicity:

By creating a large number of ambassadors, the Marcotte Style brand name will automatically gain in name recognition. All communication originates from our brand values and is translated into a future worldwide uniform communication platform through our website, which must be respected for the brand to be distinguished globally. Our future marketing department will always be able to help all ambassadors in all communications, dealing with customers and new products, organizing workshops etc. without any obligation.

In addition, actions are always taken through the website and also publicity campaigns without lighting to join this. For example, we think about possible mass communication (interior on TV – internet …), leaflets, in-store activities with VIP invitations (always make sales and people take other people along), outdoor advertising (austere but communicative nameplate on the street side), direct e -mail, own home page design per ambassador, newsletters, advertisements and press releases, to put just a small selection of marketing materials first.

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