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Better than domotica and affortable:

With a small investment without cabling, your home will be equipped with the latest technology. Our technician comes to set up the total switch to smarthome in a maximum of one day and from now on you can easily use your smartphone to control your heating, switch on or dim certain lights or change color, …
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The big advantage is that each room can always control its own heat and keep it constant, which is not possible with a conventional thermostat, because if the main thermostat, which is usually in the living room, is up to temperature, no other radiator can request extra heat and with the smarthome all radiators are independent of each other. This is comfort pur!

For an apartment block where there is no individual heating, this system will thus not only offer you a lot of comfort, but will also save up energy to 30% with optimum use.

What are the possibilities:

A. Heating: operate comfortably via your smartphone:

I. Timetable:

You can arrange each room and add a timetable to it. In your Bespoke bathroom you will drastically lower the temperature when you are in the office during working hours. If you then have the habit of getting into your bathroom warmly around 7 o’clock in the evening or 10 o’clock, the Marcottestyle smarthome will always reach the desired temperature at the time you want it. The computer calculates the time it takes for the heating system to reach the desired temperature and starts to open the thermostat button of the radiator that has been determined until this temperature is reached just in time.

II. Saving energy:

This time schedule will indeed save you a lot of energy, because the rooms that are not used during certain hours will reduce the temperature in this room according to your wishes: very simple. The system also knows that you have left the house and are more than 10 km away, bringing the full heating to the set temperature. The jet can also be adjusted for optimum personal comfort.

III. Battery:

Only every two years, depending the use, a small battery can be replaced in each thermostat knob, but this does not outweigh the many benefits.Temperatuur regeling: Via uw smartphone uw temperatuur regelen van iedere ruimte wordt heel overzichtelijk:  Dank zij de slimme radiatorknop zorgt tado voor een comfortabel en gezonde verwarming terwijl het tot 30% energie besparend is.

B. In addition to your heating, also control all lights via your smartphone:

  • Smart sockets: This makes it simple and very useful to switch one or more lamps or devices on and off via your smartphone. This way you can manage, control and schedule connected devices anywhere using your phone or Siri voice commands, or just Amazon Echo or Google Home. It automatically turns off the power after the time interval you have selected, allowing you to use energy more wisely.
  • Comfort purely with the voice control: Light one, two or more lights via your smartphone or only with your voice. Via an order to voice recognition (voice control) such as ALEXA or Siri … or simply light a lamp with your smartphone, dim it or change color. Welcome to the digital futuristic world.

  • No more wall switches needed:

Effectively, place a small transmitter behind one of the switches and you can use voice recognition such as (voice control) ALEXA or Siri … or simply use your smartphone to light up the ceiling spotlights or luster, dim or change color. This is the fantastic affordable digitization.

  • Burglary prevention: 

You no longer need a timer since this can be operated on your I-phone, wherever you are. You can also enter a time schedule when you go on vacation.


  • The new dim and color lamps:

No more dimmer required and also a color festival: The Koogeek smart LED lamp is a dimmable Wi-Fi smart lamp that is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.

There are a maximum of 16 million colors to choose from, making your life colorful.

  •  Schedule on and off via your smartphone: set timers or countdowns to switch the lamp on or off at a desired time via your smartphone. Plan when you want to switch on the lights to wake up in the morning, or switch on when you are back and so on. You can also switch off your lamp when you fall asleep.

Your home with smarthome can easily introduce the new digital innovation that you will no longer be able to miss. Go with the times or take the lead yourself!

B. Safety and comfort via your smartphone: 

  • Door and window sensor: Set a small automatic adapter on your window or door, which is connected to your smartphone. For example, if you open the door at a chosen time, the bedroom light is automatically switched on. You do not need to drill but the adapter can only be applied with a self-adhesive strip.
  • Install more than one sensor in different places and name them respectively. All statuses of doors / windows are then simultaneously displayed on the screen of your telephone.
  • An intelligent padlock: can be very practical: never a key is needed and very safe, because a fingerprint is fast and unique. In addition, if the padlock is open, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. This is charged in two hours for a full-year loading time.

The ideal solution: Living with style:

Not only with a new total design will our interior architect certainly not fail to present this attractive concept to you, but an existing home can just as well be switched to our smart home. If you wish, you can digitize everything and see amazing results in an instant. You will no longer be able to miss the smarthome. And you also save energy costs.
At Marcottestyle, our professional approach will always deliver the PERFECTION with every installation. Moreover, the installer will quietly explain everything how the system works on your smartphone. Simple and well-arranged.
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