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Country cupboard

The storage space is sometimes overlooked when tastefully designing a room. Where much attention is paid are seating furniture, light and for example art objects on the wall. However, finding suitable cupboards is sometimes too easy. Marcottestyle has a large assortment of country cupboards.

Nevertheless, for a harmonious living environment, it is important to have cupboards that match the atmosphere of the room. This is, after all, carefully designed; adding storage furniture should not affect the effect achieved.
Particularly when a country style is used in interior design, the furniture must be well matched. No daring combinations fit in here: those who opt for the countryside will appreciate harmony in the interior. This includes beautiful cupboards in country style, carefully selected.

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Custom made country cupboards

You can safely leave this task to Marcotte Style. They take stock of your wishes and find the perfect cupboard for your situation. Customization is also possible. Our interior consultant will find a cupboard in country style that fits in with every room, whether it concerns your living room or project design.

Country cupboards are timeless and it goes without saying that you are looking for furniture of good quality. Not only must the look be rural, a cabinet must have a certain robustness, combined with an attractive appearance that matches a rural interior in terms of warmth and ambiance. Marcotte Style offers you cabinets with optimum ease of use and possibly smart modern additions, such as space for cabling hi-fi equipment or a home theater. These contemporary properties are cleverly concealed, so that you can enjoy the look of an authentic country cupboard.

Are you looking for rural cupboards? Then Marcotte Style definitely has something for you. Discover our national cupboards quickly, if desired customized!