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Interior designer Knokke

Renowned interior designer close to Knokke

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Marcottestyle has specialized in the rural Knokke style, which has become synonymous with conviviality, where you immediately feel at home. With the typical Knokke or salty style, where a lot of use is made of white painted wood, combined with some warm tones, our passionate interior designer, Jean-Jacques Soenen, always creates a top class interior. Are you interested in turning your apartment or villa into a warm cozy interior with a holiday feeling? Our interior designer will be happy to come to your home to hear your wishes and to make you an inextricable initial proposal. Marcottestyle works in Knokke, Kortrijk, Brussels or Antwerp, and mostly abroad, with an always exclusive service for the complete development of new interiors in villas or apartments. Indeed, thanks to a thoughtful perfect reconfiguration or decoration of your home, this interior architect organizes, decorates, colors and harmonizes your entire home according to your aspirations, to make your home a real home.

Personalized and realistic design in 3 D

Our customers are always surprised with elaborate designs in 3D, which imitated reality fantastically. First, a joint Moodboard is drawn up. Then one creates 3D drawings and a detailed price budget or directly a fixed price offer. It is really dreaming “in style” when a project is presented. In addition, Marcottestyle also has the option of always being able to offer all furniture according to your expectations. There is a wide choice of furniture in different styles that will certainly meet every personality and expectations. Our interior designer will propose a personalized refurbishment, taking into account any restrictions and always according to your needs. The most important thing in a new perfect interior is still the harmony. The feeling that there is a line in the decoration, from one room to another, makes a stylized unit where you can relax. This continuity between the living room, the bedroom and the kitchen is thus a MUST. Only the bathroom can always remain something special. Marcotte Style is a serious and competent interior designer and offers the advantage of professional teams in know-how, design, furniture, decoration and interior architecture, which enable a smooth and economical service.

The interior designer with ideas and perfect service:

In addition to the finishing level of Marcotte Style, there is also a perfect service. The follow-up of your project is ensured by the same person, from the beginning until the delivery of your new interior. As a result, there is and remains a total responsibility in which one constantly listens to the customer’s wishes. A great deal of importance is thus attached to customer satisfaction. Marcotte Style with his unique interior architects team who will share his resolute trends and design proposals with you, your home is literally counted to a higher level.

Marcotte Style will literally take your interior to the next level with a very flexible service for all budgets.

Wherever in the world, Marcottestyle interior designers are always passionate when it comes to furnishing your home.

Expertly with a class design:

The desired result is achieved from design to execution. Listening to all personal wishes and preferences is one of the most important principles. In the spacious showroom in Kapellen you can experience how a country style feels. You will immediately notice the degree of finish. An example of a villa that has been completely redesigned and furnished with level ten years ago will inspire you. In a way, this also shows that our interior design still looks almost new after so many years.

Marcotte Style can offer you a completely new layout of your home with a tailor-made interior that combines design, taste and personality. Harmonizing all spaces in your home with an original interior that reflects your image becomes a reality.

Marcottestyle is also a new synonym for true modern style:

Below are some examples, in addition to many other realizations where people were not allowed to photograph.