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Dressing cabinet

If you are looking for a stylish tailor-made dressing or dressing cabinet, then you should go to Marcotte Style. We specialize in designing (fully customized) and placing dressings / dressing cabinets. Our interior architects use the most modern and best techniques when designing these cabinets.


Dressing cabinets using modern CAD technology

Our interior designer will draw up a CAD plan based on your available budget and wishes. With the latest CAD / CAM construction software, the correct position of the fitting and the drilling positions in the dressing cabinet are determined.

Custom cabinets

Our technicians then manufacture your unique dressing cabinet in our very well-equipped workshop. Thanks to the fact that we have the best machines and the most efficient and accurate machines in our workshop, we always deliver craftsmanship.

Affordable, perfectly tailored cupboards

Moreover, due to our hyper-efficient way of working, the cost will be just as low as if you were to buy a standard cupboard. So you have very good reasons for choosing Marcotte Style if you want a unique, quality and stylish dressing cabinet.

Cupboards with all conceivable options

When manufacturing our cabinets, we can take into account the wishes and concerns of the customer down to the smallest details. Just give us the dimensions of the room, send us a photo if necessary and then determine the layout of your dressing / dressing cabinet yourself. Everything is possible: adjustable drawers, specially painted surfaces, supplementary shelves, extendable shelves, rods, separate shoe racks, lighting, … whatever you have in mind, we can make the dressing cabinet that you have in mind for you. Moreover, our designers can provide you with free color and style advice without obligation.

Luxury dressings

Because we at Marcotte Style make extra effort on stylish furniture, we have developed an extensive luxury range. We make unique cabinets in high-quality materials with a beautiful finish, for example rounded tablets

Durable, chic

The durability and chic appearance of our cabinets go hand in hand with us. Our special “double component” furniture lacquer gives our dressing cabinets an extra touch of cachet and a stylish look. In addition, the varnish layer provides extra service life and durability for your luxury dressing cabinet.

Show villa with beautiful dressing cabinets

Need inspiration? Then you can come and take a look at our show villa where these cabinets of 40 meters are. And all of this in our exclusive luxury variant. You will find a lot of other beautiful examples of large and small cupboards in the show villa. You can gain a lot of ideas, get advice from our experts and determine which cupboards are most suitable for your specific situation. Our interior designer will then make it a point of honor to deliver a fantastic dressing room for you, which you will enjoy for many years to come.


Interior architects specialized in dressings

Still not convinced? Feel free to view some examples of these cabinets by our interior designers from Marcotte Style on our website. You will see that the possibilities that we offer in the field of dressings are almost endless.