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Modern kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms

In modern kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and bathrooms or other spaces, you and your guests will immediately feel at home in the relaxed and soothing atmosphere that characterizes our modern interiors designed to perfection. Aesthetics, intelligent design, clever use of spaces go hand in hand with evoking the right atmosphere and feeling.

Modern kitchen

These days a kitchen is much more than a functional space for cooking, it is a comfortable, dynamic kitchen in which more and more time is spent. In short, the modern kitchen, often with an integrated dining room, is a central and important room in a modern house that certainly deserves the necessary attention in the overall picture of the complete interior design in which Marcotte Style specializes. Not only thanks to the cooking hype of recent years, the kitchen has undergone a serious upgrade in recent decades. Quite rightly so, because whoever wants to invest in a modern, well-equipped and nicely decorated kitchen will reap the benefits. Anyone who opts for a total concept of modern living should not overlook the kitchen.

Modern lounge and dining room

For modern dining rooms or furniture for modern dining rooms in all possible styles, you have to go to Marcotte Style. A dining room is a room in the house that should not be underestimated. Nothing is more pleasant than enjoying a meal with family, friends and guests in the pleasant setting of a beautiful dining room. It goes without saying that a dining room table – the central piece of furniture in the dining room – is not just an impulse purchase. You have to take into account the size, the rest of the interior, the number of people who can sit at the table, etc.

The interior experts at Marcotte Style have really eaten cheese from it. They can even make detailed 3D simulations for certain purchases to estimate in advance how the table will fit in your unique interior! So you know exactly what your dining room with the new Marcotte table will look like. Marcotte Style has hundreds of beautiful specimens in its collection. Because our range is so extensive and versatile, it is almost impossible that you will find the perfect table with us.

It is very worthwhile to opt for our total design. Our interior experts and interior design team can assist and guide you through the process of creating your dream dining room. After all, a dining room is so much more than a sum of furniture.

Modern bedroom

Marcotte Style, specialized in full and partial interior design, can mean a lot to you if you want to furnish a modern bedroom. A bedroom begs for a balanced, harmonious design with cleverly chosen colors so that you can fully unwind in a room in which you will soon spend 8 hours a day. Our interior designers do not have to worry about designing overnight. Our interior specialists model your dream bedroom using the most modern techniques. Thanks to our own collection of furniture, we can guarantee you the most diverse and exclusive pieces of furniture. Be sure to check our showroom and webshop on the website! In addition, Marcotte Style supplies all possible color samples, perfect custom dimensions and all that neatly drawn in plans with an amazingly accurate 3D integration technology. The interior designer Jean-Jacques Soenen provides an extremely stylish bedroom interior that meets all requirements.

Convince yourself and choose modern kitchens from Marcotte Style.

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