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More than just a renovation:

As an interior designer, we insure you more than an ordinary general renovation. If you want a renovation with a certain added value, a well-thought-out new layout and high-quality execution, then you’re definitely at the right place at Marcottestyle.

Marcottestyle makes a beautiful story from concrete shell untill key on the door?

Professional Craftsmanship:

Thanks to professional workmen who are well attuned to each other, everything is completed in a short time in a pragmatic way down to the last detail. This is the advantage of having all professional groups in the construction sector under one roof.

As a result, work is always ongoing and one professional does not wait for the other. Because the coordination always remains with only one and the same person, we can guarantee you a perfect total renovation without headaches. Everything is discussed in advance and recorded in a complete renovation file. All details are included here and recorded in extensive plans. In this way all details are provided for a perfect interior decoration. Plans are drawn up for the plumber, electricity works, carcass work, demolition, plasterwork, tile laying, woodworker with measuring cabinets etc.

Correct price agreement:

Marcottestyle takes on everything, so you will never be disappointed but on the contrary experience a great adventure. Our numerous customers are proof of this. A clear quotation is therefore the best deal, which takes all discourses out of the way.

Fixed budget:

The added value has now certainly become a fixed fact.
This certainly does not mean that we only work with a large budget and only with luxury items. Be surprised by our exceptionally attractive price proposition for both small and large renovations, in which the quality always prevails. You achieve an extraordinary renovation with respect for your budget. This is a kind of key on the door principle. Do not hesitate and make an appointment today.

Make clear plans:

Below is a detail of a floor plan for the renovation of a new kitchen, bedrooms, custom made cupboards, and furniture: Everything perfectly coordinated!

All interior renovation projects are handled personally at Marcottestyle and fully tailored to your wishes and style. The new interior will always fit seamlessly with the total renovation of your home.

The metamorphosis: Before and after is a world of difference:

We always provide everything that will be needed for the later decoration and perfect interior decoration.

Are you facing major renovations? Let your Marcottestyle specialists carry out your renovation work.


Intererior renovation projects:

Such a total renovation, based on our detailed plans and 3Ds, will certainly add a great deal of added value financially and aesthetically. Some of our customers buy an old apartment in one of the best locations and ask our interior architect to turn it into a completely new interior. This is not only fascinating but is also lucrative, because the price of the total renovation and furnishing will be recovered twice in the added value. You can buy, refurbish and sell an apartment with a nice profit in this respect, and Marcottestyle does the work. Are you looking for a partner for total renovation around Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels or far abroad? Then contact us quickly, because our work area is far beyond the borders.
Contact us without obligation or view our realisations.


Indulge yourself and discover more realizations of Marcotte Style here.

Cost-saving design:

Marcottestyle fights for perfection and always works according to the rules of art. That is why it is sometimes better to invest a little more in a renovation than to regret it afterwards. Here, for example, people prefer to remove the tiles completely and place a solid leveling layer on the wall in order to have a smooth and good adhesion in order to adhere new tiles as it should. This way you will not get any cracks or loose tiles after a few years.

Marcottestyle also thinks along with the interior in the most interesting way to save costs in order to achieve the best result.

New ceilings, electricity, floors, redesigning spaces by removing walls, placing doors into a completely finished interior: Marcottestyle is at home here.

A practical example:

You will find a practical example of this (see photo on the right) when efficiently redesigning an open space in which a kitchen, dining room and salon must be furnished. Instead of erecting some new walls, it has been decided to create a finished oak wall directly in the middle of the room, both economically and aesthetically, against which the kitchen is built.

Everything is therefore immediately nicely finished on one side, with the back side of the finished kitchen connected on the other side. So one saves a large finish here and the result is even better.

With every renovation you get a well thought out newly decorated and completely painted interior with new furniture, curtains and carpets that fit the whole. A perfect picture, worthy to be presented in an interior design book.