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Own collections:

In our dynamic concept of a complete interior tuned to your personality and aspirations, we will decorate your bedroom according to the same guidelines of the general character of the interior.

By working without intermediaries, we are able to offer you good conditions that are hard to find elsewhere. Moreover, in the context of a complete decoration, we will not charge a fee-based remuneration for the creation of CAD plans and we will always have the same person follow-up on the entire project.

Our collection of beds is not only aimed at the cottage style, but also at a more contemporary or modern style. When doing a complete decoration, it is important style-wise that the same theme is respected throughout the entire home.

Once the interior architect and yourself have been able to determine the layout and restructuring of the bedroom, we will start with the final choice of the beds themselves. You will be guided through one of our many show rooms where you can make the ultimate choice together with our adviser.

Our interior designers always have an eye for all proportions between the rooms and the objects. With an outspoken feel for colour, layout and intimacy, the interior architect will, in close consultation with you, look for the best combination of comfort, mood, colors and emotion while always bearing practicality in mind. Usually a dilemma arises from the balance of aesthetics and practicality. Our interior specialist will explain all advantages and disadvantages in detail beforehand.

Here, we provide only a few bed ideas as our collection is so extensive that we would be hard-pressed to display it all.

One of our advisers will guide you through many show rooms where picking your bed will be easy.

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